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Bridging diverse cultures

The Sauder Social Entrepreneurship (SSE) program challenges UBC students to step out of their comfort zone and explore how the tools of business can help create a better world. Participants travel to two very different global locations, China and Kenya. There, they mentor and train aspiring local entrepreneurs—and help them to shape and refine their ideas.

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SSE China


SSE Kenya

Sauder Social Entrepreneurship
Sauder Social Entrepreneurship

Travel to two very different locations in China to help new entrepreneurs succeed in one of the world’s biggest and fastest growing economies.

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Empower youths in the most deprived parts of Nairobi to develop the skills they need to create sustainable business plans and uplift their lives.

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Who benefits?

Consisting of ten workshops delivered by UBC students, the annual four-week program (3 weeks in Zhengzhou and 1 week in Wen County):

  • helps youths and business owners in participating countries develop valuable business skills and refine their ideas
  • forges new links between international and Canadian universities
  • teaches UBC students about other cultures and using business tools for good.

Global impact

Robert Helsley

“The Sauder Social Entrepreneurship (SSE) program is one of Sauder's most impactful international activities."

- Dean Robert Helsley
Social Entrepreneurship